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At PHARMAECONOMICA, we are proud to have a highly skilled and experienced management team leading the way. Our team is composed of visionary leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the life science industry. With diverse backgrounds in drug discovery, health economics, drug development, and strategic consulting, our management team is well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of drug innovation. They are passionate about driving positive change and are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Together, they foster a collaborative and dynamic environment that promotes innovation, integrity, and excellence. With their guidance, we are confident in our ability to exceed expectations and deliver value at every stage of our clients' journey.

Jorge Emilio Alfonso, MBA
Founder and Managing Director

Jorge is a visionary leader with a passion for driving innovation and achieving remarkable results. With 17 years of experience in the life science industry, he has successfully led teams and organizations to new heights of success. Jorge's strategic mindset, strong communication skills, and ability to inspire others have earned him a reputation as a respected leader. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, empowers him to navigate complex challenges and guide teams towards achieving their goals. 

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cathy surmont.jpg
Cathy Surmont, BSc
Co-founder and
Operational Manager

Cathy is an accomplished operational manager with 15+ years of international experience in hospitality and aviation. With a proven track record of success, she possesses exceptional leadership skills and operational expertise. Her diverse industry background has provided her with a deep understanding of unique challenges. Cathy excels in managing logistics, resource allocation, compliance, and safety protocols, demonstrating strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities to ensure operational excellence at the highest standards.

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Muhammad U Mirza, PhD
Co-founder and Senior Scientist - Director of the CADD services

Dr. Mirza is an accomplished computational chemist who brings over ten years of expertise in the development and implementation of computational drug design and discovery methods. His strong background encompasses driving hit-to-lead optimization and applying Machine Learning models in drug discovery, utilizing tools such as KNIME, Amber and Python. With a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from KU Leuven, Belgium, they have published over 45 peer-reviewed journal articles, demonstrating their profound contributions to the field.

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Kanzal Iman, PhD
Co-Founder and Senior Scientist
Director of Bioinformatics

Dr. Kanzal is a skilled bioinformatician and data analyst who brings expertise in the design and development of proteomics software, computational structural biology, and in silico protein structure prediction. With a PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), she possesses a deep understanding of advanced software tools such as MATLAB, R, GitHub, UCSF Chimera, and Schrodinger. Her contributions to the field are evidenced by her publication of 9 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Jorge Rafael Alfonso, BSc
Co-Founder and Project Manager

Jorge is an experienced HEOR consultant driven by a passion for optimizing patient's outcomes through innovative solutions. With a solid background in the pharmaceutical industry spanning over 10 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. As a valuable member of the PHARMAECONOMICA team, he consistently delivers results and is committed to improving patient outcomes. His dedication and proven track record make him a trusted partner in the life science industry.

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Feroz Khan, PhD
Project Manager

Dr. Feroz is a highly qualified professional with a strong academic background in numerical analysis and computational mathematics. With a doctorate in the numerical analysis of stochastic partial differential equations, he possesses a deep understanding of complex mathematical models. His research papers, published in renowned international journals, demonstrate his expertise in this field. Driven by a passion for innovation, he is particularly interested in exploring machine learning techniques for simulating differential equations, aiming to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of numerical simulations.

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