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PHARMAECONOMICA was founded by Jorge Emilio Alfonso in January 2012 as a sole proprietorship company. The main objective was to strategically address the challenge of identifying, quantifying, documenting, demonstrating, and communicating a product's value for money for the life science industry by using health economics and outcome research (HEOR) techniques combined with effective market access strategies.

After many successful years on the market, we decided to take our company to the next level to match the high demand for health economics services. Currently, PHARMAECONOMICA is a private and independent consulting company, which provides the life science industry with highly specialized modeling & simulation services in a modular approach. We help Organizations make complex decisions across the lengthy, risky, and costly drug development process in a transparent and quantified manner.


The clinical and economic value of a health technology realizes in its use and not in its approval. Value is a multidimensional and comparative concept integrating clinical, economic and humanistic features of different technologies. A quantitative value- based approach improves decision making across the drug development process to achieve an effective and economically viable health technology.


Modeling and simulation is the cornerstone of pharmacological research in the 21st century. It refers to the strategic creation and integration of mathematical models with throughout plan of execution (key questions, assumption, modelling approach and documentation) to facilitate the decision-making process in pharmaceutical research and commercialization.

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PHARMAECONOMICA provides the life science industry with highly specialized mathematical and statistical modeling and simulation services in a modular approach.

Company Values

PHARMAECONOMICA values its company reputation and is proud of the integrity, sincerity, professionalism, and transparency its employees demonstrate every day. We are a learning organization, always listening to our customers and striving to institutionalize the discipline, processes, and methodologies that offer them the greatest reliability and added value. We base our relationship with the customers on professionalism, effective communication, transparency and expertise.

 Keys to Success

  • Excellence in meeting and/or exceeding customer's expectations based on expertise and a completely confidential and reliable relationship with our customers.

  • Seamless integration of our teams with the sponsor´s teams.

  • Effective and transparent communication with our customers.

  • Excellence in project delivery.

  • High quality based on a rigorous resource selection and an effective customer’s requirements identification process.

  • Long term partnership with our customers based on mutual trust and win-win situation.

  • Creation of added value for the customers, maximizing their Return of Investments.

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