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Computational Drug Discovery Services

We offer collaborative opportunities to biotech and pharmaceutical companies aiming to enhance their drug discovery programs. Leveraging our expertise in computational drug design and discovery, we can accelerate your drug development process and reduce the risk of failure.

Service Highlights:

  1. Drug Candidate Optimization: Utilize our computational expertise to select and refine promising drug candidates, saving time and resources.

  2. Virtual Screening: Conduct comprehensive virtual screening to identify novel candidates with optimal pharmacological properties.

  3. Predictive Modeling: Develop machine learning models to predict drug efficacy and safety, helping prioritize candidates for further development.

  4. Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Optimization: Use molecular modeling to enhance drug profiles for better efficacy and safety.

  5. Target and Mechanism Insights: Provide detailed insights into drug targets and mechanisms of action to guide targeted drug development.

  6. Study Design and Analysis: Assist in designing and interpreting preclinical and clinical studies to ensure they are effective and informative.


Optimization of R&D Programs

At Pharmaeconomica, we optimize your pharmaceutical portfolio with strategic decision-making across drug development levels.

Service Highlights:

  1. Trial Efficiency: Implement Bayesian-based adaptive trial designs for optimized outcomes.

  2. Program Success: Enhance dose-finding accuracy for higher Phase 3 success and better drug profiles.

  3. Portfolio Value: Strategically allocate budgets to maximize portfolio returns.

  4. Integrated Strategy: Merge R&D and commercial insights for robust, market-ready strategies.

Your Benefits:

  • Smarter Decision-Making: Harness data-driven insights for strategic planning.

  • Risk Reduction: Use advanced designs to minimize development risks.

  • Increased Portfolio Value: Optimize operations to boost market potential.

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HEOR, Market Access Services, and Pricing and Reimbursement Services

Our suite of research and analysis services is designed to provide comprehensive insights across various aspects of healthcare and pharmaceutical development:

  1. Systematic Literature Reviews: We conduct extensive reviews incorporating model-based meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, and indirect comparisons to ensure a thorough evaluation of existing data.

  2. Economic and Comparative Effectiveness Research: Implement comparative effectiveness research and conduct health economic evaluations to inform pricing strategies and optimize market positioning.

  3. Landscape Reports: Our detailed reports cover disease epidemiology, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), treatment options, and economic factors, providing a holistic view of the healthcare landscape.

  4. Market Access and Reimbursement Strategy: Achieve formulary acceptance, navigate reimbursement processes, and gain HTA approvals with tailored landscape reports and strategic literature reviews focused on disease epidemiology, treatment options, and economic factors.

These services collectively support better informed clinical and business decisions, enhancing strategy development and implementation in the healthcare sector.

Business Meeting

Value Communication

Our services are designed to enhance your market access strategy by developing strong value propositions and crafting targeted, evidence-based communications for payers and providers.

Service Offerings:

  1. Payer Communication Strategy: Develop strategic communications for optimal payer engagement.

  2. Global Value Dossiers: Compile essential data to support your product's global value.

  3. Payer Value Stories: Create narratives that underscore your product's unique benefits.

  4. Value Proposition Development and Testing: Refine value propositions to meet market demands.

  5. Objection Handling: Equip teams with tools to address and overcome payer objections.

  6. Localization Guides: Adapt messaging for specific markets with tailored support.

  7. Value Message Library: Build a customizable library of value messages for various scenarios.

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