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AI-Driven Drug Discovery

Harnessing our expertise in AI/ML, Computational Chemistry, and Peptide Science, we discover and optimize active, specific, non-toxic, and patentable small molecules, delivering superior drug candidates in a faster and more cost-effective manner.

Exploring endless possibilities

  • Uncovering promising hits from vast chemical space ranging from millions to billions.

  • Quickly identify potential hits with a high success rate.

  • Using high-performance computing to achieve precise and comprehensive virtual screening.

  • Utilize AI-driven insights to systematically rank and validate drug candidates, upholding the highest standards of quality.

  • Optimize the drug discovery process, saving time and cost by minimizing the need for extensive lab experiment

alzheimer pareja 1.png

We are developing the Next-Gen of highly potent and selective BChE Inhibitors with the potential to revolutionize symptomatic treatments for late-stage Alzheimer's disease.

Drug discovery from extensive chemical space -
Shooting on Targets!

PREDIT: Our Proprietary Discovery Platform

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