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We increase the probability of success of your development programs by using a comprehensive and quantitative approach to understanding the market landscape your asset will enter and to predicting how your asset will provide value.


                                                                                       Complex decisions are usually subject to human cognitive biases, which                                                                                          are predictable errors that can be minimized by applying predictive                                                                                                  modeling and simulation.


                                                                                        We partner with your organization to understand the decisions to be                                                                                                supported and provide a model-informed value-based approach to                                                                                                  increase the probability of clinical and commercial success. This                                                                                                          approach enables strategies to be optimized and ranked.

PHARMAECONOMICA has expertise in various types of simulation techniques such as discrete-event simulation, agent-based simulation, systems dynamics, distributed simulation, continuous simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, and hybrid approaches. 

Our services consist in developing specific (mathematical/statistical) models of the decision-making situation. These state-of-the-art and customized in-house platforms will then serve either as a risk-free environment for evaluating optimal solutions or as a basis for mathematical optimization. 


Our expertise in advanced analytics will supply you with answers to the questions:

  • What happened?- descriptive analysis

  • Why did it happen? - diagnostic analysis

  • What will happen? - predictive analysis

  • How can we make it? - prescriptive analysis (optimization)

Innovative Biotech, MedTech, and Pharma companies need to develop an accurate assessment of the probability of scientific, regulatory, and commercial success of their assets, in order to advance the assets from bench to bedside. A comprehensive, data-driven, and objective understanding of the value of the asset is key to securing the successful commercialization of promising science initiatives.

We can help your organization answer critical business questions:

  • How to improve the probability of success of your compound?

  • What is the optimal indication sequence strategy?

  • What is the justifiable price range to be cost-effective?

  • What are the key value drivers influencing the value story?

  • How to improve predictions by combining proprietary data with data from analogs?

  • How to predict drug differentiation at an early stage using published data from relevant comparators?

  • How to better inform effective clinical development programs and trial designs?

  • What is the market landscape your asset will enter and how will your asset provide value?

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Value-based drug development solutions

We provide state-of-the-art predictive modeling services to predict the real value of your assets down the road. Our focus is to predict the upside value potential of your asset.

We use a “Model-Informed Value Based Approach to Drug Discovery, Development and Commercialization”. It consists of a combination of different mechanistic (PBPK and disease progression models) modeling & simulation techniques to successfully predict drug efficacy & safety profile, strategic drug differentiation and early cost-effectiveness to secure commercial viability and justifiable price range.

Evidence generation and synthesis

We can help generate the required value evidence to differentiate your product and to meet the increasing demand by payers for more (socio-economic) evidence to demonstrating the value of new innovative drugs (fourth hurdle).

Value requires comparison but unfortunately  drug development decisions are usually made with in-depth quantitative analysis of internal data from the drug candidate and a comprehensive, but less quantitative, review of published data from other candidates. On top of it, single arm trials and comparison with placebo are very common.

Meta-analyses can help here!

We provide pairwise meta-analysis (PMA), network meta-analysis (NMA) and model-based meta-analysis (MBMA).

Health economic modeling  

Our experts use state-of-the-art methods to develop high quality economic evaluations:

  • Decision trees

  • Markov and other stochastic process models

  • Simulations (individual patient, discrete-event, etc.)

  • Dynamic transmission models

  • Infectious disease models

  • Statistical analyses (survival analysis, multivariate regression, utility data analysis, etc.)

  • Expected value of perfect information

  • Multi-criteria decision analysis

  • Time driven activity-based costing

  • Conjoint analysis

Staff augmentation services

We have anticipated your staffing needs by setting up a dedicated and immediately available team of highly qualified and experienced Health Economists with the right set of skills and expertise.

You can expect  following benefits:

  • Higher productivity through a faster speed of adoption of your own standards

  • Dramatic reduction in time and cost to hire

  • Avoiding/reducing delays in project implementation

  • High predictability of future performance through a comprehensive and methodologically sound recruiting process

  • A high-quality service

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